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As I weave my beads together, I lose all sense of time. The magic in beads draws me to the studio again and again. From simple glass beads, once a source of wealth and prestige, to complex and colorful trade beads used as currency, I’m intrigued. Imagine using beads as a medium of exchange as well as adornment! I love the story and history that goes with each bead and am fascinated by combining yesterday’s and today’s world.

I’ve always felt compelled to create. At eight, I bent my curly head over duck blocks, painstakingly embroidering four inch squares for a doll quilt. By age 10, I could weave a potholder in a flash, and everyone I knew possessed at least one of them.

Thanks to 4-H sewing classes, I mastered the art of dressmaking. The money I earned from tailoring funded teenage pursuits. Even as I explored the world of broadcasting, I continued to experiment with crafts, creating crochet, cross-stitch and crewel projects. My busy hands produced dozens of treasured gifts.

When I discovered needlepoint, I developed an appreciation of precision stitchery. My passion for color and fiber grew as I considered and experimented with technique. Embellishments came naturally to me, and I started combining detailed stitching with beading to form intricate beadweavings.

As I spent more time working with beads, a lifetime’s experience in handiwork came together, resulting in a rush of creativity both exciting and totally unexpected. Inspiration comes from anywhere and everywhere: polished rocks surrounded by Japanese glass beads, trade beads, tiny boxes or shells, beautiful buttons, and gifted treasures too precious to release.

My wearable art, one-of-a-kind masterpieces, are sought after by collectors in many states across the nation. I show privately and provide collections to wholesale customers out-of-state.

It is my pleasure and joy to share my creations as a way to honor beauty and creative energy in the world.

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  1. You are awesome! Can’t wait to meet you in person.

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